About Us

Personal Approach – Germination of an Idea

In year 2014, one sunny morning my daughter made a paper flower with quelling technique and excitedly came to me to show it. I was cleaning my accessory’s drawer and she jumped overwhelmingly and said “Mom you have so many floral accessories” as I was always inclined to floral patterns. She innocently said “Mom I made this paper flower, can you make something with it for me”? That was when I first made a hair accessory for her and slowly for her friends. Friends and acquaintance started loving it and after around six months I had a chance to put up with my first exhibition. That exhibition turned out to be a turning point of life and seed of ‘Milonee Inc’ was sowed. Well, Milonee is name of my daughter; a name which inspired me to start something of my own and live up to my dreams.

People appreciated my work in exhibition and I started getting orders. One year later in 2015, I registered my company formally and this small initiative grew into full-fledged business. Last two years of handling home and family along with business was not at all easy, faced many personal and professional challenges. As they say, “turn challenges into learning if you want to see success” and so it stands true. Started with mere hair accessories, Milonee Inc. is now into selective range of kids’ accessories, shoes, bed & bath and further broadening horizons into apparels.

Higher purpose approach – what we can do for the society

Couple of days ago via one of my friend came to know about an organization which takes care of young orphan girls. As they came up to us we got to know that there are many people who are connected with their social cause and help them with the basic needs for the girls such as food, clothing etc. Apart from the basic need there are few other things which can bring smile into a small girls face. Accessories are one of them. It’s not luxury, it’s a small wish of every girl there to have a favorite hair clip or few jewelries. With that purpose donated that smile to those young girls and it is our motto now to make as many girls and boys happy and smiling by donating a part of our products.