Working with kids has its own   perks, with tight hugs , happy  smiles and genuine compliments. The one thing similar to being a MOM and Pre-schooler   guide is the FIGHT OVER FOOD. YES!!!  Ask any mother and this will be her biggest woe.

“My son gives me a tough time. What do I do? ”

“My little one doesn’t eat anything. My whole time goes after her.”

“Baby food is a bone of contention between me and my husband. We get into fight over what is right for him to eat.”

Nutrition is a major concern for all the mothers and it is also their major woe. Market is flooded with varied packaged baby foods but they can’t beat the food cooked by the mother as it has a special ingredient called LOVE!!

As soon the child turns 6 months we start solid food for them. Start with Fresh juice ,vegetable soup and suji kheer (semolina cooked in milk).When child starts teething  give him fresh peeled  carrot , bread sticks as it will develop taste as well as  serve the purpose too. Kids take time to develop liking for a new taste or texture. Give at least a weeks time to the child when u introduce any new food or taste.

As the child grows start giving him food cooked for rest of the family devoid of chili of course! Instead of giving bland mashed potato give them mashed vegetable may be a bit of upper soft layer of chapatti too. Believe me toddler too love tasty food….  J The humble Khichri is a perfect well balanced diet as it has carbohydrate protein and vitamins too!!

Milk intake is always considered to be very important for children, of course it is but some kids take time to develop the liking for it. Don’t get panicked if your little one does not like to take milk, try curd or fruit yogurt which is tasty and equally nutritious!

When you little one is nearing two, he becomes more choosy and has developed better taste too. While this is a fun time to see your little one learning about various food items it is a challenging time for mothers. While feeding your 2-4 year old follow few   handy tips.

Meal time should be fixed with preferably a fixed place too. The child should be knowing that it is a meal time and look forward to it.

Make the meal time a fun time with lot of talking or may be story! The food should be tasty tempting and sound good too J!!

For 2-4 year old make sure the fixed routine is followed. The breakfast lunch dinner has to be followed along with small in between meals or snacks time too as the little ones cannot eat at one go..

Make sure the food looks tempting. If the child is making fuss over certain fruits and vegetables…do what mothers do best! Hide all the greens in soups, and stuff parathas and mix the fruits in juices and smoothies too!

Kids love the presentation….make parathas or sandwiches of different shapes…make a yummy vegetable cutlet n make a nice burger with accompanying shake as a meal. Make the humble roti as a tortilla with sprout n vegetable stuffing.

As the child starts pre- school there is more need of nutrition. Don’t send the child to school only with a glass of milk of 2 biscuit. Make sure he has a healthy breakfast before leaving home. Porridge, upma, idli, milk cornflakes with dry fruits all make very tasty and healthy choices.

As the children grow up they develop taste for varied food items and start demanding it too and this is the time to develop healthy food habits of children .Follow yourself what you want them to follow. If you eat fat laden junk food do not expect child to be fruit and veggies lover. Healthy food need not to be bland. Make healthy tiffin recipes so that child finishes off the snack box n you both can have a big smile on your faces.

Don’t make food a fight .It is fun to cook and satisfying to see your loved one eat and ask for more!!Unleash your food creativity …blend taste into health and see your little one growing tall!!